All postcard/photo restorations done by Keo Kirschner 

 Restoration of the Augusta Adams/Claude Williams Farmhouse by Richard Kish and Keo Kirschner 

 1869 Lord Suspension Bridge 

This postcard of the 1869 Lord Bridge was taken sometime late in the bridge's lifetime, with a darker appearance than earlier photos of the bridge. This indicated that the bridge was painted red, as was noted in documentation around 1900, just before the bridge's collapse in 1903. Prior to that, the bridge was painted white, similar to the suspension bridge it was based off of in Hancock/Chehocton. Additionally, a beautiful panoramic view of Downtown Lordville can be seen in the background. Learn more about the 1869 Lord Bridge, and other historical facts of Lordville in our history section.

The original postcard

 Augusta Adams/Claude Williams Farmhouse Restoration 

This is the remaining foundation to what was once the farmhouse of Augusta Adams and Claude Williams. The foundation has been knocked around by the continuous widening of Bouchouxville Road ever since the early 1900s. Our mission is to get the foundation righted, and more clearly visible from the road before it gets completely buried underneath the roadbed and lost forever. Learn more about our archaelogic effots and findings at the Claude Williams & Augusta Adams Archaelogical Site in our archaeology section. Learn more about Augusta Adams, Claude Williams, and their riverfront farmland in our history section.

 Erie Railroad @ Old Bouchouxville Road & Freeman Jensen Farm 

This beautiful restoration was done by Keo Kirschner, and showcases the Erie Railroad in its early form, with the original Bouchouxville Road just behind a hill back when it crossed the Erie Railroad at it's eastern terminus; rather than continuing east toward Bouchouxville. When the road was in this stage, it was likely just referred to as a crosstown road for Lordville, without a specific name. This road continues from the Wallace Adams Place, into the Freeman Jensen & Clarissa Adams Farm. Learn more about the Freeman Jensen Farm, Old Bouchouxville Road, and other areas of East Lordville/Bouchouxville in our history section.

 Downtown Lordville @ Lordville/Warren/Bouchouxville Roads 

This photo of Downtown Lordville was taken when the original Lordville Road ran to the east of the Humphries Brook (now currently to the west of the brook). Located in the photo is the original 1869 Lord Bridge, the demolished Lord Garage on the left, and the demolished John Lord House Hotel Wagon Shed on the right. Learn more about the Downtown Lordville and these historic structures in our history section.

The original 1890 photograph

 Lordville Presbyterian Church 

This photograph was taken shortly after the church's construction in 1896, and was originally in black-and-white. Keo beautifully restored and colorized this photo, giving a clearer look at what it may have looked like back then. Learn more about the Lordville Presbyterian Church in our history section.

 Erie Railroad @ Johnson's Spur/Bouchouxville 

This photograph showcases the Erie Railroad in Bouchouxville, right around where the Johnsons lived. The Johnsons were one of the well-known families of Bouchouxville during the mid-1900s, and had their own railroad spur in this area. Today, the spur and second track of railroad are gone; except for a few miles of the second track which are preserved, and begin as the southbound track starting from this point.

 More restorations to come! Stay tuned.