Welcome to the Lordville Historical Society!

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The Lordville Historical Society is committed to preserving and sharing the rich history and heritage of our community. Our mission is to collect, document, and interpret artifacts, stories, and other historical materials that reflect the diverse cultural heritage of our hamlet.

We strive to inspire a deeper appreciation for the past and a greater understanding of how it shapes the present and future. We believe that by engaging with our local history, we can foster a stronger sense of community and a shared sense of identity.

While we do not have a designated center for visitors, you can follow us on Instagram (or visit our work-in-progress website) to stay up to date on our growing collection of artifacts, including metal-detecting finds, photographs, books, and other documents that offer a unique window into the lives and experiences of those who have come before us.

The Lordville Historical Society welcomes input and contributions from all who share our passion for preserving and celebrating our shared heritage. We invite you to join us in our mission to discover, preserve, and share the stories of our past for the benefit of future generations.

Welcome to Lordville, New York!

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